Shepherd's Hope Reaches Out to Underserved Communities to Provide Healthcare to Under and Uninsured

Nov 30, 2021 at 09:44 pm by pj

In the wake of the pandemic, which has caused limited access to medical services, Central Florida uninsured and underinsured residents have convenient access to acute and specialty healthcare at one of Shepherd’s Hope’s five locations.

All five clinics provide care and free health services for children and adults in Central Florida and are accessible to public transportation. For twenty-five years Shepherd’s Hope has partnered with various organizations including local hospitals to provide most diagnostic laboratory and radiology services at no charge. Providers can also write a prescription for free or affordable medication. In addition to in-person appointments, telehealth appointments are also available.

“Access to quality healthcare is a necessity and essential for the overall health of a community, but it is especially important for the individual who is being held back in their life due to a medical issue.” Said President & CEO Pam Gould. “Shepherd’s Hope wants to ensure that uninsured and underinsured do not have to trade in their health due to a gap in insurance.”

To qualify for free services, patients must be at or below 200 percent poverty, not covered by government assisted health care programs like Medicare or Medicaid, and not currently insured. To check eligibility, call 407-876-6699 ext. 221.

Shepherd’s Hope health centers serve patients on a first-come, first-served basis. For locations and clinic hours visit:

Shepherd’s Hope provides free acute and specialty care medical services, education and wellness programs to uninsured and underinsured men, women, and children in Central Florida. The non-profit organization has provided over 330,000 free patient visits and services since 1997. In 2019, Shepherd’s Hope provided more than 19,000 free patient visits and medical services. This care is possible thanks to partnerships with 3,000 licensed medical and general volunteers, three community hospital systems, one hundred diagnostic/secondary providers and numerous multi-faith partners. Patients are served at its five Central Florida health centers in Longwood, East Orlando, Downtown Orlando, Ocoee and Winter Garden, and 95 percent of donations directly support patient services. Please visit for more information

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