Getting Through the Holidays

Jan 11, 2020 at 10:30 pm by pj




This is the time of year when everyone is in hustle mode. Houses to clean and decorate cookies to be baked. Running to the stores to shop for just the perfect gift alone could bring on so much stress. We have parties to attend and or parties that we host. And all the while if you’re a parent whether its to kids or to pets they, amid all, the rest still need, want and demand. It’s all so glorious and stressful at the same time. All of this puts your body’s sympathetic nervous system into high gear.

For some this season is the hardest to get through. This season just makes them feel overwhelmed, sad or even depressed. For some this is not the “Happiest time of the year”.  CBD just might be a natural alternative that will not give you that euphoria feeling but could help change your cognition, CBD affects your mood, with consistent use you could notice a difference with anxiety, and you could feel more alert.

For all these reasons and more a lot of people are turning to the natural way of helping them get through all the craziness of the season. Although stress and anxiety can be higher at this time of year for some, it effects a lot of us all the time. Stress and anxiety sometimes are too much for our bodies to handle and we end up getting sick. Is stress and anxiety causing you to have digestive problems, sleep issues? It can even affect our skin and more.

Start the New Year using Nona Oils CBD, and you’ll find, like so many others have that CBD can work for you because our bodies were made to work with CBD.  With our endocannabinoid system and our CB1 and CB2 receptors that help keep us in homeostasis especially during times of stress.

The benefits of using CBD besides those mentioned above is, there’s not a long list of side effects and it is non addicting  the best part is, you can still function in your everyday life because there is no euphoria feeling, you are not going to get high like you would with cannabis which has a high amount of THC. CBD comes with .3% THC and some with zero THC.

Don’t go at it alone, do like so many others and start your journey with CBD you just might be happier for it.


Connie Ortiz, who has been serving customers for over 25 years, is CEO of Nona Oils, LLC, and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She discovered the benefits of CBD and after 6 years in the industry, now has her own products as well as certification as a CBD Coach through the CBD Training Academy. Contact her at  or visit