CMS Wants Your Opinion on Price Transparency for Insurers

Jan 10, 2020 at 04:50 pm by pj


 Deadline extended to Jan. 29

From the Association of Independent Doctors

The Trump Administration has proposed a regulation that would require insurance companies to publicly post their prices for all covered benefits, including their negotiated rates with hospitals, physicians, clinics and other providers.

Price transparency is important for independent doctors because when patients compare your charges with those the hospital charges for employed physicians performing the same services, your value becomes clear.

The proposed rule would also require insurers to provide total price and out-of-pocket estimates to patients before they get care, including for out-of-network care. AID strongly supports this rule.


The Administration has asked the public to comment on this proposed regulation. They need to hear from those who support these policies.

You may read AID's opinion here, and submit your own comment here: You will be commenting on the proposed rule titled: Transparency in Coverage (CMS-9915-P)

Though the best comments are original and based on your experience, feel free to use parts of our opinion or the talking points below. Do not copy and paste another comment in full or it won't count:

Full price transparency is the single, most important step America can make toward lowering health-care costs, creating a competitive marketplace, and fixing our nation's over-priced, opaque health-care system.

Revealing real prices -- including total charges, cash prices and negotiated rates between insurers and providers -- will help stop and possibly reverse the trend of hospitals buying up medical groups and turning independent doctors into employees.

Americans on both sides of the aisle overwhelmingy want transparency.

Price transparency is an important step this administration can make toward saving America's independent doctors, which are vital to lowering cost.

The new comment period deadline has been extended by 15 calendar days to Jan. 29, 2020.